Ottawa Criminal Lawyer Postings

Robbery, wearing a disguise, assault with a weapon, possession of a weapon, and possession of drug for the purpose of trafficking

One of our client's friends obtained three tasers. The friend, along with two others, planned to drive around and use the tasers to commit night-time robberies. Our client joined his friends, making it a group of four. Our client never took possession of a taser, never left the vehicle, never assaulted or robbed anyone, and […]
October 5, 2018

Theft from mail, breach of trust, and fraud (over $5,000)

As part of her employment obligations, our client handled and delivered sensitive documents on a daily basis, including cheques. Over the course several months, multiple cheques were reported as missing and as being fraudulently paid to third parties. Our client's employer conducted an internal investigation and focused exclusively on her, concluding very early on that […]
August 4, 2017

Assault, threats, and theft

Our client and the complainant had a long-distance on-again / off-again relationship and have three children together. The couple had broken up a year before the allegations, but they had rekindled their relationship about seven months later. (Importantly, throughout the investigation and trial, the complainant repeatedly claimed that they had never gotten back together.) On […]
July 7, 2017

Possession of property obtained by crime

Someone stole a cheque from a small business. That person legitimately had possession of our client's bank card, but he deposited the cheque into our client's  bank account without his knowledge or consent. When the cheque was reported missing by the business, the police traced it back to our client's bank account. Our client was […]
January 6, 2017

Impaired Driving, Dangerous Driving, Resisting Arrest, Food Fraud, Assault, and Failing to Attend Court

Our client was a middle-aged man with a long employment history and no criminal record or driving record. He suffered a period of mental health crisis and was charged in four separate incidents in less than four months: First, our client was allegedly found outside his parked vehicle with the engine running, displaying signs of […]
June 7, 2016

Theft (Under $5,000)

Our client was employed at a local pharmacy. Over the course of approximately two years, over $2,000.00 worth of merchandise was stolen from the store. After an investigation was launched and surveillance footage was consulted, they identified our client as the culprit. The prosecution was initially seeking a jail sentence because the offence involved a […]
March 3, 2016

Sexual Assault, Forcible Confinement, And Robbery

Our client was a gentleman in his early 70s. He had never been in trouble with the law. However, within the time span of a week, he inexplicably attacked two different women, motivated by an interest in their underwear. After attacking the second woman, our client went home and sat in his driveway for a […]
March 3, 2016


Two young men decided to rob a convenience store with masks and knives. One man entered the store and our client acted as the lookout. The knife was threateningly waved in the clerk’s direction but no one was injured. Approximately $20.00 in cash and a few pack of cigarettes were stolen. The two suspects then […]
March 2, 2016


A young man was walking home from his girlfriend’s house when he was approached by the two suspects, who “jumped him” and ultimately robbed him of his cellphone. The young man called 911 when he returned home, but the suspects had fled. Several days later, the young man’s father saw a bunch of men standing […]
March 2, 2016

Fraud (Under $5,000)

Our client had been contacted by the police, who alleged that she had fraudulently returned items to a department store on two different occasions. She wanted her to surrender herself to the authorities. She had never been in trouble with the law and was quite concerned about the consequences of being arrested, charged, and potentially […]
March 2, 2016