Robbery, wearing a disguise, assault with a weapon, possession of a weapon, and possession of drug for the purpose of trafficking

One of our client's friends obtained three tasers. The friend, along with two others, planned to drive around and use the tasers to commit night-time robberies. Our client joined his friends, making it a group of four. Our client never took possession of a taser, never left the vehicle, never assaulted or robbed anyone, and even told his friends that they should stop. In the end, our client's three friends robbed three people, assaulting two of them with the tasers. When these two victims fought back, the group split up and ran away. When the police arrived, they found brass knuckles, marijuana, and several illegal pills in our client's friend's car.


The victims only saw our client's three friends, so the police thought that there were only three people involved. When our client was arrested along with two of the friends, the police thought that they had found everyone. The fourth person in their group eventually came forward, feeling guilty that our client was being accused of his own actions. Nevertheless, the police and prosecution wanted our client to be found guilty of the robberies. We set the matter down for trial. Eventually, after our client's three friends pleaded guilty, we persuaded the prosecution that their prospect of conviction was low and that there was no public interest in running a trial against our client alone.


RESULT: All charges against our client were withdrawn two months before the trial.