Domestic Offences Ottawa


Sometimes tensions within a relationship boil over and lead to allegations of physical aggression or property damage.  Other times, partners are in the midst of a separation, divorce, or relationship breakdown and verbal arguments escalate.  Often those facing domestic assault or mischief charges are first-time defendants, never having been involved with the criminal justice system before.

Whatever the situation, those charged with domestic assault or offences of domestic violence need effective representation to ensure that they are not burdened with a permanent criminal record or other negative consequences that could follow from these types of allegations, such as issues with the Children’s Aid Society and custody and access. Our lawyers have considerable experience with domestic assault and mischief allegations. We thoroughly investigate and cross-examine complainants and other prosecution witnesses to ensure that the judge or jury hears the whole story.



The offence of “criminal harassment” covers a broad range of behaviour, including stalking, threatening conduct, and repeated unwanted communications.  However, this type of behaviour is not sufficient for the offence of criminal harassment to be proven – the behaviour must also occur without lawful authority and while knowing that another person is harassed or being reckless that the person is harassed.  Finally, the conduct must cause the other person to reasonably fear for their safety or the safety of others known to them.

Our lawyers understand that allegations of criminal harassment are never black and white.  We are here to help those facing these charges through the criminal justice system in order to obtain favourable results.