Impaired Driving, Dangerous Driving, Resisting Arrest, Food Fraud, Assault, and Failing to Attend Court

Our client was a middle-aged man with a long employment history and no criminal record or driving record. He suffered a period of mental health crisis and was charged in four separate incidents in less than four months:

  • First, our client was allegedly found outside his parked vehicle with the engine running, displaying signs of impairment by a drug. He was charged with impaired driving.
  • Second, our client allegedly drove his vehicle slowly down a pedestrian-only street and ran away from the officers that attended at the scene. He was charged with dangerous driving and resisting arrest.
  • Third, our client allegedly ordered dinner at a restaurant without paying and pushing the security guard who had detained him while waiting for police to arrive. He was charged with food fraud and assault.
  • Fourth, our client allegedly failed to attend a court date while he was in the hospital for mental health treatment. He was charged with failing to attend court.

Defence counsel obtained historical medical and mental health records and directed our client to obtain further medical and mental health assessment and treatment.

RESULT: The charges against our client were withdrawn and our client entered into a peace bond.