Release: Michael A. Johnston publishes in The Last Line - "Spare the Rod, Spoil the Code"

Michael A. Johnston publishes his paper "Spare the Rod, Spoil the Code - The Unconstitutional Actions of the Supreme Court of Canada in Canadian Foundations for Children, Youth and the Law v Canada (Attorney General)" in the latest edition of the Defence Counsel Association of Ottawa's magazine, The Last Line (at 3:2 (Dec 2015) 12):

"By analyzing the results of Foundation, the adverse effects of over zealous judicial activism can be seen. At a higher level of abstraction, this case and its implications are important because it may foreshadow a problematic future where the Supreme Court's activism could unintentionally usurp the role that Parliament and the provincial legislatures must play. While well intentioned, the law developed may not have constitutional footing and could leave the law in as bad or worse a condition than it was before the judicial action was taken."