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Release: Michael Johnston profiled by the Criminal Lawyers Association

The Criminal Lawyer’s Association (CLA) is Canada’s largest criminal law specialty association. On 6 July 2021, the CLA published a profile of Michael A. Johnston. Michael’s profile takes a look at what motivates him and what he enjoys most about criminal defence: I most enjoy cases which are tried before a judge and jury. A […]
July 13, 2021

Release: Michael Johnston named one of “The 5 Best DUI Lawyers in Ottawa” by BestInOttawa

BestInOttawa is an online publication that does “extensive customer research” to provide “your guide to the best things that Ottawa has to offer, from the top products to the most dependable services.” On 9 July 2021, BestInOttawa published its list of “The Best DUI Lawyers in Ottawa” for 2021: Driving under the influence is a […]
July 13, 2021

Release: SJHD named the “Best Criminal Law Firm” in Ontario by CorporateVision

CorporateVision is an online publication “with the mission to deliver insightful features from across the global corporate world.” They grant annual awards to “recognise the tireless efforts of the industries, businesses and individuals that continue to strive above and beyond in what they do.” As part of their 2021 Canadian Business Awards, Corporate Vision awarded […]
June 15, 2021

Release: Michael Johnston named one of the “3 Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Ottawa” by ThreeBestRated

ThreeBestRated is an online publication that “was created in 2014 with a simple goal to find you the top 3 local businesses, professionals, restaurants, health care providers, etc., in key cities.” ThreeBestRated published their list of the “3 Best Criminal Defense Lawyers in Ottawa” for 2021: All of our criminal defense lawyers actually face a […]
April 15, 2021

Release: SJHD LLP, Leonard Shore, and Matthew Day named in Doyle’s Guide for 2020

Doyle’s Guide is an online publication that identifies the “Leading Law Firms” and “Leading Lawyers” in Commonwealth countries, including Canada. On 2 November 2020, Shore Johnston Hyslop Day LLP was named one of Ottawa’s “Leading Criminal Law Firms.” On the same date, Leonard M. Shore, Q.C., was named a “Leading” criminal lawyer in Ottawa, while Matthew […]
November 15, 2020

Release: Michael Johnston represented the DCAO at the Supreme Court of Canada

On 7 October 2020, the case of R v Chouhan was argued before the Supreme Court of Canada. This case dealt with the constitutionality of recent amendments to jury trial procedures, in particular, the elimination of “peremptory challenges” and the elimination of the “rotating triers” procedure. The Defence Counsel Association of Ottawa (DCAO) intervened in […]
October 8, 2020

Release: Shore Davis Johnston reorganizes as Shore Johnston Hyslop Day | LLP

We are excited to announce that Shore Davis Johnston has reorganized as Shore Johnston Hyslop Day | LLP. Our website domain has changed to and our e-mail addresses have changed to, but our other contact information will stay the same. Thank you for your continued support.
November 15, 2018

Release: Michael A. Johnston publishes in Criminal Law Quarterly - "Whelan Still Waiting"

Michael A. Johnston's article "Whelan Still Waiting" has been published in the Criminal Law Quarterly (at (2018), 66 C.L.Q. 19): Patrick Whelan received a "short drop" and died slowly. His procedurally flawed execution was the tragic punctuation to a death sentence passed pursuant to a procedurally flawed trial and appeals. The trial and appeals were, individually […]
September 13, 2018

Release: Michael A. Johnston submits memorandum to Parliament about Bill C-75

On 1 September 2018, Michael A. Johnston submitted a memorandum to Parliament about Bill C-75, An Act to amend the Criminal Code, the Youth Criminal Justice Act and other Acts and to make consequential amendments to other Acts, in particular on the proposed changes to jury selection procedures: Representativeness is, therefore, a shield for an accused person, not a […]
September 2, 2018

Release: Michael A. Johnston publishes article in Law Times

Michael A. Johnston published an article on the Government of Canada's proposed Bill C-75, titled "Challenging trial by jury without cause," in the 4 June 2018 edition of Law Times: Trial by jury is constitutionally entrenched in our criminal justice system, but more subtle is its critical role to our democracy. Jury nullification — the […]
June 6, 2018
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