Release: Michael Johnston profiled by the Criminal Lawyers Association

The Criminal Lawyer’s Association (CLA) is Canada’s largest criminal law specialty association.

On 6 July 2021, the CLA published a profile of Michael A. Johnston. Michael’s profile takes a look at what motivates him and what he enjoys most about criminal defence:

I most enjoy cases which are tried before a judge and jury. A jury trial is when the system, which always feels as if it is rushed, finally slows down. A jury trial is the legal forum where process must be most carefully observed; evidence must be carefully admitted. All justice system participants are reminded that they are just ordinary people when they must appeal to the judgement of ordinary people – who have no aspirations for higher legal or judicial offices. The jury is unknown to us – and requires that everyone must be on their best behaviour. I personally have great faith in our citizenry and feel greatly honoured to work with members of our community in order to achieve justice.