Release: Michael A. Johnston presents at 2016 DCAO / CCLA Conference

Michael A. Johnston presented his paper "Johnston on Juries for Junior Jurists" as part of the "Awaiting the Verdict: Are Trials by Jury Still a Thing?" panel at the 28th DCAO / CCLA Criminal Law Conference:

"Younger members of the profession start their careers with very little, if any, understanding about trial by jury; the procedure and practice of this type of trial is not the subject matter of much, if any, education in law school, and there are very few textbooks dedicated to the subject. Short of experience by trial and error, the virtues and best practices for this forum for justice are not obvious to the uninitiated. However, the reasons for having a client exercise their right to a trial by jury are legion."

The paper and presentation are available to lawyers for continuing professional development.