Whatever it takes

I was very lucky to have Matthew Day as my lawyer over a year ago.  When I think about where I could have ended up if I didn't have such a great lawyer is scary.  It was an extremely stressful time in my life, but having Matthew Day as my lawyer made the ordeal bearable.

Fighting two courts at the same time, Matthew Day knew that the criminal case needed to have a positive outcome so that I would have a fighting chance in family court. The results were beyond favorable. He was respectful, professional, highly intelligent, very detailed. Most of all he cared and he listened.

He kept in contact with me regularly as legal matters came up on the other side. He poked holes all over the case until it made no sense why I was even there or charged. He worked behind the scenes to the extent that there was no trial and the prosecutor threw out the case.

Until this day, I am truly grateful and appreciate all his time and efforts he put into my case. This is a great firm and all the lawyers are highly skilled.  I was impressed by them all as I watched the others at a distance. They take their cases seriously and will do whatever it takes to fight for their clients. My family is back together, thanks to Matthew Day.