No hesitation recommending

To be charged under the Criminal Code can be very stressful event, more so for certain people affected by stress.

There can be quite a time span between the time the charges are laid, to the final judgment. It is a period when life and its future appear on hold, where the weight of a system against one individual can feel unbearable.

For the person convinced of its innocence, and the Crown persuaded of the guilt, the world is seen through different lens and are miles apart. For the accused, it can appear to be a fight of David against Goliath on Goliath’s turf.

The choice of the defence attorney is very important, because accused and lawyer have to work as a team. The accused has to be confident that his or her defence lawyer takes their best interest at heart and is ready to analyze every single element of the case objectively.

Matthew Day has the calm determination that put me at ease and the analytic approach that brings to light the weakness of the prosecution and the case itself. Matthew Day got me a NOT GUITY verdict. I’m forever indebted to Matthew Day!!! I would have NO hesitation recommending Matthew Day to my family and friends.