Sexual assault, assault, and overcoming resistance

Our client was fighting with his ex-wife about their daughter. Suddenly, he found himself accused of nine criminal offences including sexual assault, choking and assault against his ex-wife, and sexual assault against her teenaged daughter.

At trial, the defence pointed to numerous inconsistencies in the evidence of both the ex-wife and her daughter. The defence produced a number of documents that undermined the ex-wife's testimony. The defence also relied on documents from the ex-wife’s daughter to show that she had had a very good relationship with our client and that she always considered him a strong and respectful father figure.

The judge found that our client’s ex-wife was not a credible witness. The judge also found that the evidence of the ex-wife and her daughter could not prove the allegations beyond a reasonable doubt. Finally, the judge could not reject our client’s testimony.

RESULT: Our client was found not guilty of all charges.