The Defendant and Ms. X had been dating, on and off, for quite some time. After they broke up, Ms. X was kind enough to still watch the accused’s son while he was at work. So, the two were still interacting, but not in an intimate way.

Then, one day, Ms. X called the police. In an incredibly flat toned 911 call, she told the operator that the accused had just tried to rape her; the 911 call also recorded the accused on the phone with Ms. X’s current boyfriend. When the police arrived, the accused was calmly waiting to explain what had happened, and importantly, he was topless.

Thereafter, Ms. X would tell police how the accused had raped her a few days before. And, importantly, on both occasions, Ms. X claimed she had been wildly biting the accused in her own defence. Not even a scratch was ever observed, or photographed.

The Accused did not testify, and the Jury deliberated for less than 4 hours.