In the news: Michael Johnston quoted in article on anti-lockdown protests

On 17 May 2021, New Canadian Media published an article by Farah Mustapha entitled "Anti-Lockdown Protests Grow as COVID-19 Spreads," describing the growing number of protests against Canadian lockdowns during the COVID-19 pandemic. The article quotes Michael A. Johnston:

Ottawa lawyer Michael Johnston suggests some people may be taking issue with hastily passed laws during the pandemic because governments may not have adequately demonstrated the restrictions are responsive to the harm that exists. 

“For example, we have been told to not wear a mask and then wear a mask. I’m not trying to fault anyone but people are frustrated.” 

Johnston says officials need to better explain to the public why they should follow these measures and why they will be effective. Johnston says protesting is the only way some feel their voices will be collectively heard during this lockdown.

“They are trying to have an interactive conversation with the government that cannot be done elsewhere during these times,” he said.

“My advice to everyone is to follow the law but also freely express their opinion in articulate contrary views a non-violent way.”