Criminal harassment, assault, breaching a peace bond, and breaching a recognizance

Our client's relationship with his wife began to deteriorate. In the fall, our client was charged with a domestic mischief for breaking some property in the family home. Another law firm represented our client and the charges were dropped after our client entered into a "peace bond," which allowed his wife to revoke his right to attend their home at her discretion. The next summer, after their relationship deteriorated completely, our client's wife revoked his rights to go to the home. By the fall, our client had been charged with three sets of offences against his wife. In one of the three sets of charges, our client was accused of six offences - assaulting his wife and breaching the peace bond by parking on the road outside the house and spitting at her, breaching his peace bond and two bail conditions by leaving a letter and flowers for her on their property on their anniversary, and criminally harassing her over the course of the summer by committing the other offences as well as engaging in a handful of other non-criminal or uncharged incidents.


This set of charges proceeded to trial. During the trial, the judge dismissed one of the six charges in this set because there was no proof that our client was even on the relevant bail condition. After the trial, the judge found that he had a reasonable doubt about whether our client committed any of the other five offences in this set of charges.


RESULT: Our client was found not guilty of all six offences in this set of charges.