Our client had been friends with the complainant and an older woman who was like an aunt to the complainant. The two women had a joint prior conviction for theft and the older woman also had convictions and outstanding charges for fraud. One night in late summer, the older woman convinced the complainant to call police and report an alleged assault from earlier that evening – the complainant claimed that she had been dating our client, that he had been threatening her in text messages, and that he pushed her to the ground in a parking lot without warning.

Our client was charged with assault. At trial, defence counsel cross-examined the complainant for several hours, during which she confirmed that they had not been in a romantic relationship, claimed that she landed in grass instead of on cement, admitted that she had pushed our client first, and claimed that it had been snowing that day.

RESULT: The charges against our client were withdrawn in the middle of the trial and he entered into a “peace bond” for twelve months.