Highly Skilled Service

From the moment I met with Mr. Matthew B. Day, he demonstrated a true partnership interest in my case, he possesses some of the best acumen you would find in good lawyers among which are:


  • Communication skill: He listened to what I have to say and gives me tells me his view, the flow of information between myself and lawyer Day was of  importance in winning my case.


  • Responsiveness: Though my lawyer have many other cases that he is handling. Whenever he is temporarily unavailable, he made it a point to promptly return my call. I was particularly satisfied with the understanding that I know he will call back soon as he is free, so I never have the apprehension of worrying if he is ever going to call back in a timely manner.


  • Analytical Skills: He was able to view my case from all possible angle so that we are ready for all possibilities as it relates to what the Crown or judge might introduce. He advised me to leave out poignant feelings but rather focus on the technical details of the incident.


  • Investigative Skills: He dedicated lots of time into investigating the other party in my case to learn more about this individual, and so, he was able to cross examine them effectively and this is where my case was won in my opinion.


I will be remiss if I don't share this other important element with everybody who is reading this or seeking a smart and reliable lawyer: Mr. Day took my case in mere few days before trial, I lived far away but we worked to make sure that didn't stop us from collaborating.


In a nutshell he help vindicate me with deep rich knowledge of the Canadian legal system. In him I found not just a defense lawyer but a good friend for life. The other half of the battle was won because I retained a smart skilled  lawyer from the Shore Davis Johnston law firm.