I Have Complete Trust in Michael Johnston

Trusting someone who you do not really know to handle your criminal matters is not an easy task. I know how challenging that can be as I was facing eight criminal charges when I hired Michael. I had already called many, and met with a few attorneys – some recommended by friends, others I found online. I met Michael for the first time in the courtroom. I was there early for my case, and got to see Michael in action representing a client that I had never encountered before. I could see he was a confident man, knew his field, had a passion for what he did, took his time to explain himself, and always showed a lot of respect to the court. My brother and a friend who were present in court were equally impressed. I hired Michael as my new attorney shortly after, and felt relieved when he took my case.

Two of my criminal charges were driving related, while the other six were more serious. The Crown was asking for jail time for my driving offence, and serious jail time for the other offenses. For my driving offences, I avoided jail and was sentenced to do some hours of community service. For my other charges, I was given a conditional discharge, with one condition that will not affect me in any way. This means that I am getting off without a criminal record for the serious offences. Michael was also appreciative of the fact that I had lost my employment, and offered me a discounted rate for his services. My impression of Michael is thus extremely positive. Thank you, Michael, for everything. I am and will always be grateful for what you have done for me.