All My Charged Were Dismissed

I was very lucky to have chosen Michael Johnston from a list of attorneys to seek legal advice and in turn represent me to defend my drinking and driving charges. Michael was very professional and personable from our first conversation on the phone the night of the offense. He coached me along and advised me of proper legal procedures. Once he reviewed my case, he assured me that improper police methods had been used and I would have a good chance of all charges being dismissed. He said going to trial would be a valuable option. Michael was also very attentive and accommodating to my parents’ questions and concerns throughout the case.

Based on my first impression, I trusted Michael and followed his advice and decided to take my charges to trial. In hindsight this was the best decision I made as Michael’s hard work and preparation got all my charges dismissed and I have no criminal record.

I cannot thank Michael enough for what he has done for me and hopefully I will never have to deal with something like this again but if I do I know who to call! I would highly recommend Michael Johnston to anyone seeking legal counseling and representation! Thanks again for all your help!